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Popular Saint Medals and Their Meanings in the Catholic Church

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By Michelle | February 16, 2021


Saint medals commemorate the saints they bear, and are believed to offer different protections to the wearer. They are a Catholic Church tradition full of meaning. According to the Catholic faith, wearing a saint medal around your neck, on your wrist, or keeping it in your home or car can give you protection and blessings from the saint him- or herself. Countless stories from around the world accredit saint medals with miracles, good news, and safety. Here are the meanings of the last eight most popular saint medals in this series.

St. John the Baptist Medal

St. John the Baptist is the patron saint of baptism, conversions, innkeepers, and tailors, as well as a protector against convulsions/spasms and hailstorms. St. John was the one who baptized Jesus. He also has a powerful story of his own. He was born to an elderly barren mother (Elizabeth) after the angel Gabriel visited and told them they would have a son. It was Elizabeth who told the Virgin Mary that the child she carried was to be the Son of God.

St. Joseph Medal

St. Joseph is the Virgin Mary’s loving husband and the foster father of Jesus. He is the patron saint of many different causes, including laborers, families, craftsmen, and workers. A St. Joseph medal is said to protect wearers, as he protected and cared for Jesus. St. Joseph is the holy person for specialists and a defender of the Catholic Church. When Catholics pray to St. Joseph, they often ask for guidance, protection, and fatherly care.

St. Lucy Medal

St. Lucy, or St. Lucia, is a virgin and martyr whose name is associated with light. She is the patron saint of sight, of virgins, and of the city of Syracuse (Sicily). St. Lucy spurned material goods and marriage and vowed to remain a virgin. A spurned suitor reported her to authorities and she was sentenced to prostitution. Legend has it that divine intervention made St. Lucy impossible to move, so the guards surrounded her with wood and attempted to burn her. She was also impervious to fire and sent to her death by the sword. Wearing a St. Lucy medal is said to provide protection for young girls and the blind.

St. Luke Medal

St. Luke was one of the authors of the Gospel and the Acts of the Apostles. He was a Greek and a Gentile, who wrote about Jesus’ praise of the Gentiles. He followed St. Paul and was a physician (Colossians 4:14). St. Luke is the patron saint of doctors, surgeons, and artists. His medal commonly depicts him painting a portrait of the Virgin Mary. Wearing a St. Luke medal could protect physicians and artists and contribute to their good works within the community.

St. Mark Medal

St. Mark, or Mark the Evangelist, established the Church of Alexandria. He also wrote the Gospel of Mark and is the patron saint of Venice. His home was a meeting place for the apostles. He had a close relationship with St. Peter. St. Mark died a martyr after persecutors dragged him through the streets of Alexandria. The symbol of St. Mark is a winged lion. Wearing a St. Mark medal could bring the wearer protection.

St. Patrick Medal

St. Patrick, or the Messenger of Ireland, became a slave in Ireland at age 16. He took care of animals for years as a slave before escaping (after receiving a message to do so from God) and returning to his home in Great Britain. He later became a priest and a bishop and returned to Ireland to convert the pagans there to Christianity. He used the shamrock to preach about the Holy Trinity. A St. Patrick medal is believed to bring the wearer safety from snakes and other dangers.

St. Paul Medal

St. Paul influenced the development of the Church. He is an incredibly important saint who started as a persecutor, but had a powerful vision that resulted in his conversion to Christianity. He was baptized and changed his name from Saul to Paul. He traveled the world while preaching about Christianity. St. Paul is revered for his advice on how good Christians should live. He became a martyr after his beheading by Roman emperor Nero. St. Paul is the patron saint of writers, journalists, authors, missionaries, and evangelists. 

St. Peter Medal

Historically, St. Peter Simon is the first Pope. He was one of Jesus’ Twelve Apostles, ordained by Jesus in Matthew 16:17-18. He is known for having little faith, however, and to doubt Jesus’ abilities. It was Peter who denied Jesus thrice, in Mark 14:66-72. Following Jesus’ resurrection, Peter has three new chances to confirm his love for Jesus, which he does all three times. St. Peter then becomes the leader of the Apostles. Wearing a St. Peter medal is believed to protect fishermen, locksmiths, and popes.

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